Monday, January 24, 2011

Adorable wedding Ayu Raudhah..;)

nunitee..owlahh bloggers..

Nothing much because of quite a very long period i've never refresh my blog so better i'll do it

now before i get off to my bed..haha ..i juz wanna brain storming here!!haha..bcoz today's classes

was so compacted until my head brokedown n my eyes is gettin like a monster's eyes..haha.. so

juz wana shares a few things ..its about sharing a happiness of someone's life..a person dat i

admired more..she was an actress..ayu raudhah che wan..she was really awsome..i really envy

of her beautifulness..she's gorgeous,adorable,and pretty..really love her!!haha..dun get


okayy..dats it!!! simple but nice...hahahaa..k daa..getting to bed..muaxhh all..luv yaa!!

lotss of love by J.lisa..